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About Lionheart

Lionheart Training was established in the mid-90യ provide quality hypnotherapy training courses in a wide range of specific aspects of training.

As a training organisation we aim to offer all our courses at affordable prices and although most courses take place in Yorkshire we do also travel to venues around the UK.

Our courses are attended not only by Hypnotherapists but also Counsellors, Therapists and health care professionals from other disciplines as well as members of the public aiming to start a new career as a Hypnotherapist by completing our highly rated Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Course.

Courses and Trainers

The majority of the courses are in what could be called 飨eᳰects of therapy, ie particular therapeutic processes or practices that are not taught on standard training courses (or if they are, are not taught in sufficient depth). A wide variety of subjects include Inner Child Therapy, Past Life Therapy, Advanced Regression Techniques, Forensic Hypnosis, Hypnosis in Childbirth, Stop Smoking and Weight Management Masterclasses, Self-hypnosis classes etc. We are highly experienced trainers in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Steve Burgess is one of the few people in the UK to have worked with Gary Craig (the creator of EFT) and also offers a 2 day course in Advanced EFT.

Our Hypnotherapy Training Course takes place in Yorkshire and is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register. Participants receive in-depth and extremely practical training in many aspects of Clinical Hypnosis, allowing them to begin practising as a Hypnotherapist as soon as the course is completed.

Most of the courses are run by Steve Burgess, founder of Lionheart Training, one of the most experienced Hypnotherapists currently working in the UK. Steve has a reputation as one of the best Trainers in his field and he is much in demand as a Trainer by a variety of other training schools and organisations (for further details on Steve Burgess as a Therapist please CLICK HERE or go to ). For other specialised courses we ﮴ract in㯭e of the most able Therapists in their particular fields to facilitate them, thus ensuring you get the best available training from well-established Trainers.

Practical, Professional Learning

Our reputation has gone from strength to strength since our first workshop in 1996 and the appreciative feedback from participants is that our professional, value for money, practical and fun approach to learning hits the right note and is constantly rated as being amongst the best in the marketplace. Our Hypnotherapy Training Course always receives ᶥ reviews,領en being spoken of as 馥-changing༯p>

Many people repeat our courses (at a drastically reduced course fee as a 尥aterࢥcause they enjoy them so much and they get more learning each time they attend.

If you would like to know more about any of our courses, or for a Prospectus of our Hypnotherapy Training Course please click on COURSE SCHEDULE or contact us direct on the following:

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